Big Data




USDM believes business intelligence is the key to road mapping brand success.

New innovations in big data technologies and channels are redefining business intelligence and big data strategies. Industry leaders are achieving transformational changes in Travel, Consumer Packaged Goods, Luxury Brands, Consumer Electronics and more.

With so many changes in play, maybe now is a good time to engage an informed and objective third party to review your current Big Data Strategy, or update a new one.

Discover the new ways other industry leaders now use Big Data to measure everything from engagement to controlled messaging to emerging market identification.

Professional Services Include,
but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of Current Marketing Environment and Benchmarking
  • Big Data Strategy Development
  • Technology Platform Customization
  • Benchmarking Current Marketing and Engagement Metrics; KPIs
  • Live Response Testing for Brand, Messaging, Engagement, Conversion
  • Adaption, Support Continued Enhancements and Scaling

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