Generating Atlanta’s Leisure and Meetings Success for Over 12 Years.


Digital Efforts Increased City Tourism Revenues to over $905 million in 2012.

What Travel Industry Leaders Say About USDM

“ is the premiere technology provider for the U.S. Travel Industry and the destinations it serves, providing innovative, performance-based results though leading edge business strategies, website development and programs that boost destination business, room night generation, and total economic impact, resulting in increased local tax revenues and job creation.”

What Our Competitors Say About USDM

Our competitors like to spread rumors like “USDM is not taking DMO clients anymore.” Untrue. We have DMO clients who have been with us more than 12 years, and have renewed for additional 3 – 5 year contracts. We work with DMO clients who have the same passion for performance results that we have. And we have a history of success with all size DMO budgets helping them maximize ROI and realize their digital ambitions. Ask us about our travel and tourism marketing success stories.

What We Say About Ourselves

We have been DMO advocates, delivering advertising and marketing results for them longer (19 years) than any other digital marketing company. We have designed the largest destination web sites, marketed DMOs that have very limited budgets and big ambitions, and we win awards every year for our work. We love both ends of the spectrum, because we enjoy doing what we do best — helping DMOs excel in the digital world and reporting ROI to their boards and stakeholders. It’s all about economic impact.

What’s NEW that You Might Not Know?

While, we have focused on DMOs and have travel and tourism marketing in our digital DNA, we have spread our wings in the last two years. We now represent some of the most prestigious non-travel brands in the world. Our long history of travel marketing knowledge has proven to be a major asset to these other industries, from insurance to luxury brands. We still love and enjoy travel and tourism marketing. We just have diversified and grown our client base.

DMOs are Boosting Tax Revenues as High as 17 Percent

Always on the forefront of innovation in tactics and technology, we have tested some new tactics that have proven highly successful and we are rolling out to all travel marketers. Already, some DMO clients have reported a 17 percent increase in tax revenues over last year and the needle is still moving up. Our extensive digital advertising relationships and bulk buying power is now allowing us to deliver much more digital media for your budget than ever before. Because we pay less, you pay less, and you get more.

Ask us about our Success Stories.