What USDM does best is listen, learn, assess and solve problems. Superior client interaction and relationship building are another key benefit of that process.”

- Hewlett-Packard

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Social Marketing without Connected Data Is Not Really Social Marketing

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New technology and real-time data are driving great efficiencies and value in digital marketing, especially social media marketing. Innovative new technologies can positively impact data management, marketing automation, content distribution, customer experience, sales funnel conversion, performance analytics and more. Social media marketing has leapt to the forefront of digital marketing tactics for many companies. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,…

Travel Trends and Take-Aways December 2016

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TREND:  Domestic travel is increasing for the third month in a row. Eight in 10 U.S. residents with near-term travel intent searched within the U.S.  The Southeast continued to be the top region searched, capturing 29 percent of domestic searches.  August lodging search demand was predictive of travel in the October-November.  –U.S. Travel Association USDM Take-Away: Many U.S. destinations market…

Digital Economic Development and Foreign Direct Investment

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Foreign Direct Investment in the United States Accounted for Nearly Three Trillion Dollars in 2014 A well rounded digital strategy can improve your Economic Development Organization’s access to valuable Foreign Direct Investment in your community. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment made by a company or individual in one country in business interests in another country, in the form…

Economic Development Trends and Take-Aways Nov. 2016

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How a Digital Strategy Can Bolster Your Area’s Workforce Initiatives Trend: Talent Attraction One of the key discussion points at the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) 2016 Annual Conference was on attracting talent, especially millennial talent.  Talent attraction continues to be a critical consideration in the site selection process. Takeaway: A well planned digital strategy can help an EDO attract and retain…