Digital Travel Trends and Takeaways

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From the Thought Leadership Team at USDM WHAT’S TRENDING… AND OUR TAKE ON IT TREND:  Marriott is using Virtual Reality (VR) to engage and inspire next-generation travelers.  Marriott began using VR last year in a Teleporter Tour to eight U.S. cities that took guests to different corners of the globe via a fully immersive, 4-D sensory experience. This year, VR Postcards…

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Digital Retail Trends and Takeaways

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What’s Trending… And Our Take On It  TREND: Consumers in Canada are increasing their time spent with media, driven by digital formats and mobile in particular. New technologies (beacons, wearables, virtual reality, and the internet of things) are dramatically increasing digital marketing data and mobile marketing channels.   TAKEAWAY: The need for a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan grows more important…

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The Challenge of Big Data Made Easy…

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A Travel Industry Report — Big Data and Business Intelligence are driving the largest impact in years for travel businesses. Smart companies are leveraging information into profitable opportunities, business efficiencies, customer insight and competitive differentiation. In the DMO space, hotels and airlines have led the charge to embrace big data management to improve customer experiences, marketing communications and engagement. Hotels…

Read More Founder and Chairman Leah Woolford Returns to CEO Position to Spearhead Expansion Plans

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AUSTIN, Texas, April 22, 2015 — Leah Woolford Founder and Chairman of has announced that effective April 1, 2015 she assumed the role of CEO from Michael J. Priem, who stepped down after eight years to pursue other opportunities.” “I want to thank Michael for the contribution he has made to USDM and to wish him the best in…

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Look What You Might Have Missed by Looking in the Wrong Direction

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You may already analyze Big Data, integrate lots of consumer tracking, and have metrics around all of your marketing and advertising spend. But what if you have been tracking and looking in the wrong direction? What if you have been applying the wrong data to your strategy? Today, influencing your customers and prospects wherever they are is increasingly important. But…

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The Badvertising Top Ten

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As a progressive agency that’s passionate about new ideas, USDM feels an inherent responsibility to put forth original messaging that clearly differentiates our clients from their competitors.  The first step in that process is just avoiding cliches and other hackneyed phrases that have become common denominators among do-it-yourself advertisers.  Following are a dozen or so that – except in the…

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Tuning Into Social TV – Part 2

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Enhancing Your Brand Engagement with Today’s Multi-Screen Consumers The digital revolution has spawned many new consumer behaviors (and terms to describe them) that all radically transformed how prospects use media, engage with brands (and each other), and make purchasing decisions; all of which had driven a significant shift in how brands advertise. Last year, for the first time in history,…

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Tuning Into Social TV – Part I

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The Unprecedented Impact of Internet Technologies on Television and Marketers Social television usually refers to the use of social media platforms to enrich the experience of consuming a TV program – and to possibly extend its audience. According to Wikipedia, “There are six different types of social media: collaborative (Wikipedia), blogs and microblogs (Twitter), content communities (YouTube), Social Networking sites…

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Maximizing the Megapower of Today’s Email

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The King of B2C Downstream Demand While digital marketers are alerted to embrace the newest trends in social branding, smart TV, big data analysis and programmatic media buying, recent research is reminding us that today’s version of our old friend email marketing is still the juggernaut of customer acquisition, retention and monetization. According to a recent McKinsey study, email is…

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